Tyson Derksen

The Confident Body Challenge

A FREE 5-day experience to help you claim back your body confidence and put yourself first!!

In this 5-day challenge I will teach you what it takes to move from being stuck & unmotivated to putting yourself first, falling in love with your body and reclaiming your confidence.

Dates: January 17th - January 21th, 2022

Where: Private Facebook Group

Yes, I'm in! 

Are you ready to step into the habits & mindset for body confidence?

(And a reflection in the mirror you'll love!!)


Here's What You Get:

On each day of the challenge we'll cover a different topic to help you get unstuck and get motivated.

Day 1

The 3 Reasons You Fall Off the Wagon

We will identify the 3 reasons why it seems like you can't stick with any diet or healthy habit.

Day 2

Getting on top of food + snacking

Having a plan with your food + snacks.

Day 3

Wake up motivated

Feeling like you're starting your day with the right intention.

Day 4

What eating for results looks like

I'll show the 3 things that will allow you to have sustainable, long term results you'll love!

Day 5

Live coaching call with past client

Live interview with Monique A and how she went from unmotivated to putting on a pair of jeans she hadn't worn in 9 years + body confidence!

If you're ready to make a change you're in the right place


Client Experiences

"So thankful for this process! I'm just so happy that I reached out to you when I did. I started this to lose weight. I had node how would completely transform me."

- Monique A.

"During C*vid after I lost all that weight with you, I gained seven back and I have now lost that 7, plus a few more. Using everything you taught me! Thank you!"

- Carmen B.

"I’m so grateful for you and everything you taught me. Never in a million years did I think I could ever get down to below 120. I didn’t think it was even possible."

- Monica V.